The difference between overwhelm and progress is clarity.

Find out How

Have more work then you can reasonably do?
Making less progress than you hoped?
Are the complex needs of your business keeping you up at night?

Many entrepreneurs and managers find themselves in this predicament. Their to do list constantly grows, firefighting never stops, and their important tasks are not moving forward as fast as they planned.

We hear stories like these every week.

It’s not about the hard work.

If being successful was simply a matter of working more hours, then every company would be successful. But they are not. And we know why, because we’ve been there.

Having built companies that have served huge national brands, secured large funding rounds, and even navigated successful exits, we know: it’s not about the hard work.

At Backlog Zero™, we help visionary companies break out of the operational stalemate. We show them how to spend less, simplify and speed up, so they can make much more progress, in much less time.

It’s about your vision.

Are you ready to achieve the results you dream about?
Are you ready to learn how the most resourceful, adaptive, and transformative leaders truly operate?

We guide business leaders and managers to lower costs, reduce risk and move faster, by avoiding unnecessary work and reducing the scope of necessary work. We nudge you to do less and make more progress.
That’s what we do.

  • No additional work.

  • No time wasted.

  • No long-term contracts.